TRADE TALK: The Interior Design Industry in 2017

Industry Event
Thu, May 4, 2017 - 12:00pm
Seattle Design Center

Seattle Design Center Showroom, Trammell-Gagné, is proud to host one of the textile industry’s leading experts, Crans Baldwin, for the Design Center’s May Trade Talk and CEU presentation, “The Interior Design Industry in 2017.”

You are also invited to join us at 10:30 or 2:00 to see the entire new collection Dedar and Hermes in a personal presentation from Crans Baldwin.

About Crans Baldwin:

Rosecrans "Crans" Baldwin has been in the design industry for 34+ years, starting as a department store furniture buyer and then a sales rep for The Baker Furniture Company. His industry experience includes being President of Cowtan & Towt, Bergamo Fabrics, Donghia, Edward Ferral + Lewis Mittman, and currently DEDAR. Along the way he spent four years involved with the Consumer Products Safety Comission testifying in support of our industry concerning flammability standards as the then President of The Decorative Fabrics Association, the textil industry's trade group. In 2008 the recession prompted him to embark on what has become a 26 city speaking tour to thousands of interior designers, offering help and advice, to the trade, as they seek to build or rebuild their businesses in our new economy.