The Big Idea

Childhaven will be using an ArtBox to provide art therapy for children ages 2-5 years. The space needs to accommodate a class size of 10 students and 2 teachers at a time and provide a fun and nurturing space in which to create. Plans should include table space at child level, storage for art supplies, and a wall display area to showcase children’s work in a gallery-like setting. The space will have power, so task and gallery lighting need to be considered. There will be no onsite water, so plan for refillable reservoirs or other options. Kids and art means mess, so finishes should be easily cleaned. As a year round classroom, include plans for a heating and ventilation system.

Getting It Built

Build your design around the project goals expressed above. Our plan is to create a fantastic creative space—we need support with donated materials, supplies and labor, so while we will make every effort to install the winning design as submitted, substitutions may be made. Any recommendations you can include for possible pro bono furniture, lighting, paint, supplies and skilled labor will be appreciated.


When choosing a winning design, our selection panel will consider use of space, lighting, energy usage, materials, ease of maintenance, appropriateness and functionality of the design solution as well as it’s ultimate buildability.